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2016 Fly TyingCVTU’s Favorite Flies:

CVTU’s new book, More of CVTU’s Favorite Flies is now available. A sequel to our popular CVTU’s Favorite Flies, this new book follows the same format, but is in full color.

When Fly of the Month was inaugurated in our monthly newsletter, members were challenged. “Do you have a secret weapon that you want to share with your fellow CVTU members? Do you have an invention that the trout just can’t resist? Submit your favorite pattern…”.

The members responded, and these books are a compilation of over 11 years of Fly of the Month patterns. Some are classics, some are flies adapted from other areas that have been successful here, and some are inventions of the contributors. All are proven patterns that will be worthy additions to your fly box. Books may be purchased at monthly members meetings. The books are 6″ x 9″, and spiral bound to lay flat on your tying desk. Books are now in stock! To order either or both via Paypal or by old fashioned mail, click the links below.

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Favorite Flies Vol I
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More Favorite Flies Vol II
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Order Volumes I & II of CVTU’s
More Favorite Flies
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Waters of the ValleyWaters of the Valley: 50 Years of Trout Unlimited in the Cumberland Valley

This richly detailed book covers the story of how Trout Unlimited came to the Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania, the efforts the chapters (yes – 2 chapters) made to protect the waters and some of the fun along the way. And it is much more than that. The book delves into history of the valley as well and answers some questions that you may have wondered about.

Order CVTU’s
Waters of the Valley:
50 Years of Trout Unlimited
in the Cumberland Valley

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