Fellow CVTU Members, 

We have been invited to decorate a room at the King’s Gap State Park’s Mansion to celebrate the holidays and let the hundreds of people who tour the annually decorated Cameron-Masland Mansion know what Cumberland Valley TU does for our local streams and our local community. The park staff have decorated the mansion for years, but this is the first year they have invited outside groups to decorate the upstairs rooms!

Now, just what-in-the-world does decorating for the holidays have to do with conserving our cold-water resources and preserving healthy fisheries and watersheds?!?

Well, just like in our watersheds, everything is connected…

Park supervisor Onnolee Jansen worked with CVTU this summer on the Bosler Water Conservation Series and as a result of that collaboration, she has invited us to be a part of the Park’s big holiday event. We can decorate one room upstairs as we think fitting and can provide information to the public about CVTU. King’s Gap is run by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural resources whose grants we have been able to apply to some of our past project works on our local streams. So, we are strengthening our partnerships with individuals and agencies that have helped us in the past and we can enjoy some good fellowship getting to know other members of our chapter while we do it!

Please Contact Jonathan Daniels at
 jonboar@aol.com or 717-448-1774

·         to contribute decoration items

·         to help decorate

·         to host the room during tour hours

(King’s Gap Holiday Open House Tours:
Sundays, December 11th and 14th, Noon to 4)