Our General Membership Meeting on November 16th, 2022 was held as a hybrid meeting. Sixteen
members and guests attended in person at the Bosler Memorial Library in Carlisle and six attended the
zoom meeting remotely.

Our President, John Zazworsky, opened the meeting by welcoming members and asking the two
individuals who were new to our meeting to introduce themselves. Following comments about the
chapter’s annual financial summary report, and brief introductions of our guest speakers for the
evening, he turned the floor over to Clark Hall and Biff Healy to Speak about the 2023 Rivers
Conservation and Fly Fishing Youth Camp.

Clark Hall explained details of the camp which will run this coming summer from June 18 – 23, 2023 at
Messiah College in Grantham PA. Applications are currently being accepted and should be submitted
early to www.RiversCamp.com. Scholarships are available. Questions may be sent to
riverscamp@gmail.com. Clark passed around the sign-up sheet for volunteers willing to tie flies for the
students who receive boxes filled with many dozens of flies tied by our chapter members. Contact Clark
to sign up at chall2636@verizon.net. Biff Healy, head ghillie and ghillie wrangler for the Camp (a la Jack
Palance in the movie City Slickers!), expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the blessing of being able to
work with the bright young adults at the Rivers Camp again this year. He encouraged members to take
advantage of the opportunity to assist the students during their fishing sessions, emphasizing that
everyone could be helpful, regardless of degree of experience with fly fishing. Please contact Biff to help
share your love of fly fishing and conservation at biffer1966@hotmail.com.

A more immediate educational event which CVTU organizes is our winter Fly Tying Course. Beginner and
Experienced classes will be held Monday evenings 7-9PM, January 23 – March 13, 2023 at the Stuart
Community Center, 415 Franklin St, Carlisle PA 17013. Registration opens Dec 3rd online. The Beginner class: Fly-Tying – Beginner $30/resident, $35.00/nonresident. The Experienced class: Fly-Tying – Experienced $50/resident, $55.00/non-resident. Or you may call Carlisle Parks and Rec’s office at (717) 243-3318 directly.  Volunteer assistants are sought for the Beginner class and suggestions for guest tyers for the Experienced class are welcomed. Contact Jonathan Daniels, class coordinator, at jonboar@aol.com.

Jimmy O’Connor, York County’s Muddy Creek TU chapter President and PA TU Council Vice President for
the South Central Region (and a graduate of the Rivers Camp!) introduced himself. He thanked John for
the tour of CVTU project sites they had made earlier in the afternoon and the fellowship of several CVTU
members at a dinner ahead of the meeting. He expressed his appreciation for the chapter’s work and
encouraged us to reach out to him regarding anything he could do for us with the state council. Contact
Jimmy at tightlinejimmyo@gmail.com (and be sure to check out Muddy Creek TU’s award-winning
website at www.muddycreektu.org).

Russ Collins, russ@dftu.org, member of our neighboring Doc Fritchey TU chapter in Dauphin County and
National Leadership Council liaison for Pennsylvania with Trout Unlimited National, spoke about TU’s
work to address the projected impact of Climate Change on trout habitat across the United States.
Though the statistics are staggering (77% projected decline in Brook trout habitat in the northeast and 50% decline in Cutthroat habitat in the west by 2080 based on current trends), there are many things we
can do to alter those projections. TU National and our local chapters are in a position to help directly
through our continuing efforts to help protect cold water habitats through three main mechanisms:
Adaption of stream environments, Sequestration of carbon in the environment, and Mitigation of
carbon emissions. Adaption measures, like most of our bread-and-butter stream projects, increase the
resistance and resilience of trout habitats to allow fish to better handle climate change stress.
Sequestration is best accomplished through tree plantings in the riparian buffer improvement work
which is becoming more a part of our stream conservation work now. Mitigation initiatives are being
addressed through TU National and State legislative oversight and advocacy. The presentation video
Russ shared with us, by Helen Neville, Senior Scientist for Trout Unlimited, “Climate Change and Trout:
Impacts, Opinions and What You Can Do to Help” is available thru the TU.org website at this link:
Climate Change Workgroup – National Leadership Council – Trout Unlimited. Just scroll down on that
page to find the video and lots of other helpful resources on this imminent issue.

John Zazworsky concluded the meeting by thanking everyone for attending, reminding everyone that
our next meeting is scheduled for January 18, 2023 at Bosler Memorial Library, and wishing everyone a joyful holiday season and “Tightlines!”