The Cumberland Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited, through Carlisle Parks and Recreation, is offering Beginner and Advanced Fly-Tying Classes for tiers of all ages and genders.  Children under 16 must be accompanied by a registered adult. Discount for Seniors. Beginner and Experienced classes will be held Monday evenings 7-9PM, January 23 – March 13, 2023 at the Stuart Community Center, 415 Franklin St, Carlisle PA 17013. Registration opens Dec 3rd online. The Beginner class: Fly-Tying – Beginner $30/resident, $35.00/nonresident. The Experienced class: Fly-Tying – Experienced $50/resident, $55.00/non-resident. Or you may call Carlisle Parks and Rec’s office at (717) 243-3318 directly. Volunteer assistants are sought for the Beginner class and suggestions for guest tyers for the Experienced class are welcomed. Contact Jonathan Daniels, class coordinator, at

Students in the Beginner’s class will learn a different tying technique each week.  Each week’s patterns will build on skills learned during the previous weeks.  Materials for all fly patterns will be provided as well as a binder including a basic fly-tying introduction primer, recipes for the patterns tied in class, and a listing of local resources.  Tool kits including a tying vice and basic fly-tying tools are available for loan during the course.  Students are encouraged to practice honing their skills with the vise and tools at home between classes.

The Advanced class will feature favorite patterns demonstrated by a different guest fly tier each week.  Students will need to bring their own vise and tools to class.  Materials for each pattern and pattern recipes will be provided.  Students will receive a binder listing each week’s guest tier, the fly patterns they will demonstrate with the pattern recipes specifying materials needed to tie the patterns. This year’s guest tiers range from chapter members with years of local and regional fly fishing experience, to professional fly fishing guides and a professional artistic fly tier.