New Book Available !!

CVTU’s new book, More of CVTU's Favorite Flies is now available. A sequel to our popular CVTU's Favorite Flies, this new book follows the same format, but is in full color.

When Fly of the Month was inaugurated in our monthly newsletter, members were challenged. "Do you have a secret weapon that you want to share with your fellow CVTU members? Do you have an invention that the trout just can't resist? Submit your favorite pattern...". 

The members responded, and these books are a compilation of over 11 years of Fly of the Month patterns. Some are classics, some are flies adapted from other areas that have been successful here, and some are inventions of the contributors. All are proven patterns that will be worthy additions to your fly box. Books may be purchased at monthly members meetings. The books are 6" x 9", and spiral bound to lay flat on your tying desk. Books are now in stock! To order either or both by mail, click below

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Who We Are

We are 600+ volunteers in one of 48 Trout Unlimited Chapters in Pennsylvania.   The Commonwealth has over 13,000 TU members interested in the protection of our wild trout resources.  We restore streams through habitat improvement projects, conduct seminars on water quality and fisheries management.  We work to educate the next generation about the importance of clean water and wild trout.  We invite you to join us.

We're more than "just a fishing organization."  The work we accomplish is equally important to all those who enjoy outdoor sports or simply the beauty of nature.  In fact, clean water is the lifeblood of virtually every creature and plant on earth. 

Come join us as we enjoy and protect our local limestone streams.  Our waters are recognized by serious trout fishermen around the country and overseas.  The Letort is here, as is the Yellow Breeches.  We also are blessed with Green Spring and Big Spring.
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Stream News and History.
Membership Meeting 

April 20th, 2016  7:00pm
Allenberry Meadow Lodge
2016 CVTU Limestoner Banquet Highlights
Don Baylor will be our guest for the April CVTU membership meeting. Don will present his program HATCHES-NEW ANGLES which emphasizes some relatively new information on well known hatches as well as information on hatches not well documented in fly fishing literature. The program discusses variations in insect life cycles, concentrated vs. extended hatch periods, important caddis and stonefly hatches, little known though occasionally important mayfly hatches and some lesser known facts about well known hatches.  So, please join us on April 20th at the usual time of 7 p.m. at the Fly Fishing Museum at Allenberry's Meadow Lodge!"
Many thanks to ALL who attended the 2016 CVTU Limestone Banquet!  We had another successful year with our largest fundraising event and we could not do it without the help of all our generous doners, supporters and the many volunteers that worked so hard to pull it all together.  We are fortunate to have such a strong family of support for all our programs and events.  Thank you so much!  
Here are photos from the event and a video of Don Albright receiving the 2016 Limestone Conservation Award.  
2016 CVTU Limestoner
Mid Atlantic Fly Casting Contest
The Cumberland Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be hosting the Second Annual Mid Atlantic Fly Casting Contest on June 18th, 2016 at the Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs, PA. The 5-weight fly casting competition is open to all with categories for men, women and youth with adults being split into either the Angler or Expert divisions. Competitors will be challenged by both accuracy and distance tasks with winners determined by the highest combined score. Prizes and awards for the contest are sponsored by Temple Fork Outfitters, producers of some of the finest fishing rods available. The entrance fee is $25 for pre-registration, postmarked by June 11, 2016, or you can sign up the day of the event for $30, youth compete for free